Traci Thibodeaux, MBA, M.Ed.

Growing up in some of the most challenging neighborhoods in Houston, education was always viewed as the path to freedom by Houston native Traci Thibodeaux. Yet Ms. Thibodeaux had to travel out of her own community to find high-performing schools, which then set her on the path to college and career success. With the Founding Team, she is committed to ensuring high-performing schools exist close to home.

In addition to over 13 years of experience in both the corporate and urban education sectors, Ms. Thibodeaux brings a true understanding of the social and economic hurdles faced by many of the children living in the Central Southwest community. She is committed to maximizing the lessons she has learned in her professional career to provide a high-quality education that not only prepares students for college, but also grows each child in a holistic way to ensure they have the support to grow into healthy, confident members of their community.