To fulfill our mission, we have a unique school design to support our students academically. Some of the ways we are different are explained below.


Two Teacher Model

Rêve Preparatory Charter School believes teachers are the most important factor in the academic growth of our students. We believe having two teachers in each K - 2 classroom will allow all of our students to receive high quality instruction and also get the personalized support necessary to achieve their academic goals.


Spanish for All

Rêve Preparatory Charter School believes all of our students will benefit from taking Spanish class everyday. A strong foundation in another language will ensure our students are on a path to be college ready by the time they graduated from the eighth grade.


Our Values

We believe that a daily focus on developing our RÊVED-UP values – Respect, Êxcellence, Virtue, Enthusiasm, Determination and Understanding, Preparedness – will ingrain the characteristics necessary to ensure a safe learning environment and develop the habits required for our students to overcome challenges and reach their goals.

Respect – We treat all people, including ourselves, with kindness.
Êxcellence – We always do our very best.
Virtue – We do the right thing, at all times.
Enthusiasm – We do things with eager enjoyment.
Determination – We keep trying and do not give up.
Understanding – We care about how others feel.
Preparedness – We are always ready.


Focus on Literacy and Math

A core foundational element to our educational model is increased instructional time in literacy and math. Informed by the success of high-performing schools in high-poverty communities, the additional time students have for reading, writing, and math has proven to be a best practice.